What does "remember my data for further inquiries" mean?

In our form to request the detailed object-Exposés you will find the option "Remember my data for further inquiries". If you activate this option, your personal data (including address, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) will be saved in order to pre-populate this data when calling up a page containing an Exposé request form. This will allow you to request more items on our website much more conveniently and quickly, as you do not have to re-type your data every time.

The data is stored in encrypted form in a cookie. Encryption is AES-256. The decryption of this data can be performed only if the key used in the encryption is used. Furthermore, the cookie can not be accessed via JavaScript - the readout of the cookie value is only possible on the server side.
Your data is stored very safe according to the state of the art.

The following shows whether personal data is currently stored in a cookie. If this is the case, you can have the cookie deleted by a click.

Current cookie status: cookie is not set

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