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Successful letting with MAIERIMMOBILIEN

We find a solvent tenant for you and find a perfect balance between revenue and tenant satisfaction. With our extensive services, you will be successfully letting your flat in no time: 

our experienced letting experts carry out an in-depth rental and residential market analysis in accordance with new legislation to determine the appropriate rent, for example, create floor plans, appealing photos and high-quality property profiles, take care of targeted advertising in all relevant print and online media, look for suitable potential tenants in our customer file, carry out viewings diligently and perform credit checks on potential tenants. We are also experienced pros when it comes to the letting of commercial properties. We can advise you on the potential uses of your property and inform you of suitable commercial tenants that will offer long-term potential. The contract side of things (e.g. collecting graduated rent and index-linked rent) is also in good hands with our experts.

Finding tenants for properties from our contact network

You’re looking for a tenant with whom you are on good terms and who will also still be paying the rent on time two or three years down the line? We can help you with your search. Letting Munich properties via our contacts: make use of our first-class contact network for letting your private or commercial property! We have an in-house, carefully managed potential tenant and trade exchange with a large number of solvent customers, including earmarked reputable private persons, developers, banks and numerous leading Munich companies. This often means that we can present you with the right tenant in no time at all, without any advertising activities.

Successful letting
Successful letting

The benefits of letting with MAIERIMMOBILIEN

When it comes to the letting of your properties, draw on our experience, our expertise, our services and our people skills – soon you’ll have found the perfect tenant and will have saved a lot of precious time and hassle. In letting your flat, we take the human aspects into account as well as all the legal and financial ones. We therefore place great importance on an extensive initial consultation. It allows us to find out about you, your desires and aims and, of course, to get to know you personally. Interpersonal factors are also important in a tenancy and we will find the tenant who is the best possible match for you. We check the potential tenants carefully for reliability and creditworthiness so that you can secure a long-lasting rental agreement.

This is how we let your property 

Letting a Munich property with Maierimmobilien – this is how we achieve success for you quickly and easily:

  1. Initial consultation for property let: we get to know you and what you are looking for!
  2. Assessment of your property: following an expert inspection of your property, we advise you on the rent, option for raising the rent and the perfect presentation options (photoshoots, creating a virtual tour, etc.).
  3. Activating the network: We first check our in-house potential tenant network for a suitable tenant.
  4. Making contact: once we have implemented a customised marketing strategy for your property, we screen the first potential tenants.
  5. Ad placements: online and press adverts form the majority of our marketing activities.
  6. The viewings are in full swing – with credit checks performed on the potential tenants by Haus und Grund München at the same time!
  7. Tenant selection: Whom you choose as your new tenant is up to you, but we will gladly offer support and provide evaluations and advice in any (additional) negotiations.
  8. Our membership of the house and landowner association Haus und Grund München means that we always have access to the latest tenancy agreements. We compile our tenancy agreements in accordance with the applicable legislation!
  9. The completion of the letting process, the handover of the property and our documentation are the final steps towards the desired tenancy.
  10. We remain on hand to help even during the tenancy.

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