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You can use our free online property valuation to find out in minutes the asking price for comparable properties in your neighbourhood. Enter the key data for your property in the following form. You will be given a potential price range in a matter of minutes. Having a valuation performed online is not comparable with a personal valuation performed by a property expert. After all, the value of your home is the product of numerous factors. If you have serious intentions to sell your property, please ask us for an in-depth personal property valuation.

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Professional valuation for your property

Have your property valued by the experienced Maierimmobilien valuation experts! We determine the current market value of your flat, house or plot of land professionally, using the sales comparison approach, the asset value approach or the German income approach.

Using the sales comparison approach to value land: 
This approach involves determining the market value of your plot of land on the basis of the purchase prices achieved for other plots that are sufficiently similar to yours in terms of their location, use, soil condition, layout and other characteristics. We make use of the ground values issued by the relevant land valuation review panels.

Using the asset value approach to value a house:
This approach is traditionally applied to detached and semi-detached houses that are used by the owners. It involves determining the costs that would be incurred by building the property in question from scratch.

Using the German income approach to value a property:
This approach is predominantly used for valuing a company or a leased plot of land, i.e. in situations where the emphasis of the valuation is on the potential long-term earnings. This applies, for example, to leased residential plots with apartment buildings or business plots with office and commercial buildings.

Our services for property valuation
Our services for property valuation

Our services for property valuation

It will be worth your while if you place the valuation of your property only in the experienced hands of a real estate expert! Thereby it is not necessarily necessary to spend thousands of Euros for a special value appraisal. Our real estate agents have excellent knowledge of the Munich real estate market and many years of experience. Therefore, they evaluate and analyze your real estate precisely, meaningfully and realistically. This is how we determine the fair market price you can achieve when selling your property. In 99 percent of our sales, the sales prices previously determined by us are achieved, and in most cases even exceeded! Benefit from our comprehensive service for sellers, which also includes the real estate appraisal.

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As a Munich estate agent with many years of experience and strong service from a single source, we are the right partner for the sale of your property.

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