Powerful and reliable partner for inherited properties

You’re looking to sell an inherited property and want expert consultation from an experienced property specialist? We have supported heirs in Munich with their property transactions for years. We are a reliable partner who respects all the client’s wishes and implements them accordingly. We help them to make difficult decisions easier. Our expertise includes the applicable inheritance law in relation to property. We have comprehensive knowledge of relevant tax matters and know what to do in order to make use of advantages and avoid potential unpleasant consequences. We have a full overview of the Munich property market and its potential. If you wish to sell, we will value the inherited property and market it for you: from the presentation and screening of contacts to conclusion of the contract and aftercare.


We advise heirs on their options

You’ve inherited property in Munich and are now confronted with the following question: should I, or must I, sell my inheritance? Can I keep the property and possibly convert it for my own use? Should I sell, rent or move in myself? Trust an experienced partner from the outset who can find the best possible solution for you. For many years, we have enjoyed success in the property sector and have assisted with many inherited property transactions. If you have inherited a house and want to sell it, we can provide all-inclusive support for all questions, problems and options with our extensive range of services. For example, we can identify the current market value of the inherited property or plot of land – knowing the value is important for estimating the inheritance tax that will be due, and for a planned sale. Our specialist experts can see where repairs are needed and whether a conversion or a modernisation to improve energy efficiency would be worthwhile.

Discreet mediation between heirs

Selling an inherited house can become quite tricky if the inheritance is divided between two or more people. Interests may diverge somewhat and relationships and individual plans can make it difficult to find an approach that has unanimous support. To prevent any disputes from arising, we are on hand to help as professional mediators. We always apply extreme discretion, work towards compromise and concentrate on results. As an objective estate agent with many years of experience in inheritance matters, we can provide the best possible advice in relation to splitting your inheritance, exercising the right of first refusal or unanimously deciding on measures relating to management, use or sale. As a supporter of joint heirs, we can assess your goals objectively from the perspective of an estate agent, attempt to reconcile them and take appropriate measures to realise them. We can help you to find common interests and sell your inherited property for maximum revenue.


Our service for estate administrators

Administration and securing of a property and land estate requires detailed knowledge of real estate and involves a large amount of administrative and sales work. This is where we come in with our expert help in estate administration. We consider ourselves an intermediary between you as an estate expert and the property market. We can help you with the utilisation of the inherited property, reorganising the living arrangements, selling and letting, valuation and marketing. Don’t miss out on our qualified estate agent expertise!

Want to sell your inherited property?

As a Munich estate agent with many years of experience and strong service from a single source, we are the right partner for the sale of your property.

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